Running GUI apps from Fedora Docker containers

After reading Jessie Frazelle’s Docker Containers on the Desktop post I was quite interested in making some Fedora image based docker containers for some apps I want to use that I wouldn’t normally install on my main machines, like Google Chrome with the Google Talk plugins and flash. So, I did make one with chrome and the talk plugin and followed the guide on Jessie’s blog to run the GUI app, it worked, but there was no sound.

Fedora 21 Workstation HiDPI on retina macbook pro

I’ve been happily using F21 since it’s release announcement on Fedora Magazine,especially with the support for high resolution displays (HiDPI) since I’ve been converted back to using Fedora full time on my retina macbook pro. Although most of the GNOME apps work on my retina display, browsers and third-party apps are still lacking. Web pages’ fonts seems too tiny and I’ve to zoom in on them to see them better all the time.

World of Warcraft on Fedora 20 via wine

Install wine: # sudo yum install wine Download World of Warcraft Setup Installer from Run the installer with wine: # cd ~/Downloads/ # wine World-of-Warcraft-Setup-enGB.exe After the installation completes, it will ask you to login to your Battlenet Account. Instead, quit the application. Then tell it to use software rendered OpenGL by executing (it has a bug where the interface is just black canvas on some intel cards):

Spreading Fedora Love - One At A Time

Disclaimer: This post is actually abit overdue. Was supposed to be up by Tuesday, but some stuff caught up. Event Details Time: 10:00 - 16:00 Date: 23rd April, 2012 Venue: UCTI Aim: Sharing knowledge/Teaching about GNU/Linux operating system(s). This event was organized by rebelk0de and I, Maverick. I have been contributing to Fedora Malaysia for about ~5-7months now, while rebelk0de has long since contributed/helped Fedora MY.