Setting up searx with gunicorn and supervisor

What is searx? searx is a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine I have been using my own instance of searx at mostly because I can. :) For some reason, my instance seems to go down at some random time, and I assumed it was uwsgi. :P And also because I wanted to try gunicorn and supervisor. Most of the setup steps are already documented on the wiki at, but I’ll recount the steps here anyways.

Introduction to Grok web application framework @ UCTI

Hey folks, we, the Fedora Malaysia community in conjunction with UCTI Free & Open Source Software SIG, have planned for an introductory workshop on Grok, a web application framework. It uses the Zope Toolkit (ZTK). This session is aimed towards finding more python as well as zope/plone/FOSS developers in Malaysia. The session is mentored by our very own Fedora Ambassador, Izhar a.k.a KageSenshi, who works at a local Plone support and service company called Inigo Consulting.

Getting Python Libraries Installed The Normal Way on Windows

I’ve been using GNU/Linux distributions for almost 2 years and with Fedora for about ~7-8 months. Every single day I do some experiments with python, and every single time it makes me feel comfortable using Fedora to write scripts. It removes headaches from happening because I don’t have to figure out ways to install python libraries you need. I can just go forward with concentrating on coding. There’s a little script I wrote called; ucti-timetable.